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Teaching The Media Show: Vlog Day 4 

Here's a project that I just finished up with stuff.

Reposted from The Media Show. Written by Gus Andrews.

On the final day of the class, we screened the videos we had produced from students' storyboards and gave them a special surprise -- a video review from producers at the Gottesman Video Collective. This video shows that process, including students' reactions to our edits (they laughed hysterically about the JibJab-like introductions we animated using …

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Repost: Willoby has a great idea 

This was a particular fun piece to produce...the interviewee was awesome!

Reposted from Gottesman Video Collective. Written by Skye MacLeod.

So here's this week's Willoby & Himrod...we tried a few new things to improve the banter. Instead of just jumping in and filming cold, we had a conversation with Marcelle about what she was going to say. This was helpful because it gave us some material to work with (i.e. Willoby's great idea...) A difficulty …

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