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Conference Notes project 

Over the summer, Molly Riordan, Gonzalo, and I worked on a reiteration of a past show called "Conference Notes." The animation style is relatively simple and direct, and meant to illustrate specific points the interviewee is talking about.

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Himrod learns about PDFs and Willoby gets confused 

In this episode, our favorite professors learn a little more about Pocket Knowledge while interviewing a Digital Depot Library Associate.

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Old Tenured Professors Accost Library Staff 

Over the last couple of weeks, I've been experimenting a bit with bringing back Willoby and Himrod. As a way to introduce people to library and lab employees, our favorite old fuzzy professors routinely accost people at their desk to ask them who they are, what they are working on, as well as something cool …

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“The Google” (Willoby & Himrod) 

In this series, our heros Willoby & Himrod get zapped by lightening, sucked down a worm hole, stranded in a strange alternate universe and talks with Al Gore! All in a day's work for our favorite retired professors! Episode 1: "The Google" Episode 2: "Wikipedia World" Episode 3: "Incarcerated!" Episode 4: "You Can Call Me …

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Reel Excitement…  ☆

Here's my latest reel (2/1/9/10)

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Willoby and Himrod Invitation videos #1 & #2 

Here are two new videos of Willoby and Himrod I recently produced with Josh:

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