Yell & Sell shoot (day 1)

| March 8, 2010

On Friday, Gus and I went out to Brooklyn International High School for our first shoot in the Yell & Sell video response project. We met at the EdLab, went over our game plan and rode the train down to BIHS filming Weena giving a short interview with the camera. It never ceases to amaze me at how crazy things like filming an interview with a puppet (who’s a bit nuts at times!) doesn’t seem to bother many New Yorkers.

gus w/puppet2

The class itself went incredibly well. Chris was excited to get going with the class experiment, and we hurriedly got things organized before the students arrived. We started the class with a brainstorming session on the differences between “Yell & Sell” ads and “Heavily Branded” ads. I was impressed at how well the students engaged in this activity. They were very talkative, and we had to cut the excitement short to have enough time to get working on choosing the ad they wanted to remix.

kids sitting

This, I think, was a terrific example of how a critical conversation can go in a high school classroom. I’ll be posting the vlog on this session soon!