Makerbot Demonstration (Something Cool) ☆

Here’s a video that I filmed and edited about the Makerbot demonstration, held in the Library a week or so ago:

Gear used:
Canon 7D
Edirol R09HR Field recorder
Sennheiser M66 Shotgun mic
Boom pole
Mono-pod w/fluid head

What I learned:
Thanks to Robert for being the sound guy on the shoot! This was my first attempt at using the 7D, and I’d have to say (though I still have some reservations about it) it’s a pretty remarkable camera. I typically use my small Canon HV20 with a shotgun mic. Since I like to shoot on my own, it’s a pretty simple, yet very effective and non-instrusive setup. This setup was, well, not so simple and (I felt) a little intrusive–one problem I ran into was the camera’s lens. It was uber-wide angle, which made for beautiful wide shots, but made the close shots very difficult to capture. Another challenge I had was keeping things in focus. Since there’s an incredible depth of field on this lens, I was always very concerned that the subjects were a little out of focus. I guess that just takes practice! Another limitation was that I needed a sound person for the shoot, which I am not totally used to yet. Overall, though, I think the footage looks great, the interviews look (and sound) terrific, and the overall production quality is relatively high. I look forward to shooting more with this camera (for future Something Cool episodes anyhow!)